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  1. Oversea Exhibition Hotline:400-6444-365 Domestic Exhibition Hotline:400-6099-648
  2. BeiJing
  3. ShangHai
  4. GuangZhou
  5. HangZhou
  6. TianJin
  7. ShenYang
  8. ShenZhen
  9. ChengDu
  10. NanJing
  11. KunMing
  12. XiAn
  13. ChangSha
  14. FuZhou
  15. ZhengZhou
  16. HaErBin
  17. HuHeHaoTe
  18. ChongQing
  19. WuHan
  20. NanChang
  21. XiaMen
  22. DaLian
  23. JiNan
  24. ChangChun
  25. NanNing
  26. TaiYuan
  27. QingDao
  28. SuZhou
  29. WuXi
  30. ChangZhou
  31. FuShun
  32. ShiJiaZhuang
  33. WuLuMuQi
  34. HaiKou
  35. HeFei
  36. GuiYang
  37. GuiLin
  38. LanZhou
  39. XiNing
  40. LaSa
  41. YinChuan
  42. SanYa
  43. NingBo
  44. WenZhou
  45. LangFang
  46. ZhuHai
  47. DongWan
  48. HongKong
  49. TaiWan
  50. AoMen
  51. DeGuo
  52. YingGuo
  53. FaGuo
  54. HanGuo
  55. RiBen
  56. MeiGuo
  57. RuiShi
  58. Europe
  59. XiBanYa
  60. DiBai
  61. YinDu
  62. BoLan
  63. XinJiaBo
  64. YiDaLi
  65. ELuoSi
  66. Germany
  67. America
  68. English
  69. France
  70. Switzerland
  71. Holand
  72. Poland
  73. Russia
  74. Italy
  75. Espana
  76. Australia
  77. Korea
  78. Japan
  79. India
  80. Thailand
  81. Vietnam
  82. Brazil
  83. Egypt
  84. Singapore
  85. Argentina
  86. Ukraine
  87. Malaysia
  88. Dubai
  89. SouthAfrica
  90. Czechoslovakia
  91. Turkey
  92. Syria
  93. Mexico
  94. Canada
  95. SaudiArabia
  96. Uzbekistan
  97. Europe
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  99. 中文版
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  110. About Us

    Service Process

    Company Philosophy

    Company Platform


    Company Profile


    Company Profile

    Shanghai ACME Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive and professional exhibition company founded in 2000. Its services include conference planning and implementation; booth design and construction for museum, exhibition hall, foreign and domestic exhibitions. ACME provides exhibitions and conference services for large or medium-sized firms at home and abroad. With the business vision of “Service and Honesty-Oriention”, ACME is always striving to provide the domestic and foreign markets with turn-key professional services. The company gathers top designers and experts with rich experiences in conference planning and implementation. The company consists of Conference Department, Domestic Project Department, Foreign Project Department, Designing Department, and Engineering Department.

    Project Department: ACME has professional and passionate project planning and implementing staff, who give the first priority to customers’ benefits and provide customers with tailored proposals and professional advice in each process.

    Designing Department: A passionate and professional design team! All the designer of ACME come from well-known domestic art colleges and have more than two years’ designing experience. Their novel and unique design and continuous innovation gives a perfect combination of commerce and spatial arts.

    Engineering Department: ACME owns about 8000㎡’s workshop in Minhang District, Shanghai and Changping District, Beijing. Our complete facilities and top technicians provide customers with project manufacturing, installation and sales, storage, delivery of exhibition stuff.

    In the progress of your development, please allow us to do you a favor. Your success is ours! We consciously serve our customers and welcome all customers, domestic and foreign, to communicate and collaborate with us!

    Featured services: Since ACME Exhibition Company is affiliated to ACME Translation Company of ACME Group, its translation and interpretation work at conferences and exhibitions is outstanding and competitive in terms of both quality and price.

    ACME enjoys a high reputation among its customers for its advanced management system and international-level service.

    "Professional experience, dedication, and ethics", this is the foundation of our success and the the industrial standard we have been pursuing.

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